Guinea Pig

Handpicked out of numerous specimens, experimented, being synchronised in every octave, molten self being poured into umpteen moulds, each as juvenile as melancholy, surreptitiously scripting the most jocular twists, my life, my relevance, is of a guinea pig, and they my Gods are satanic!!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Norm Life Baby.....the Sojourn!!!

Did somebody say life is a journey? [:-/] Somebody must have. Anyways, life is a journey, best undertaken in a bus [:0] , the most practical laboratory for human understanding, a largely conjusted sanctuary with the extremest variation in creatures, creepy[:-], smelly[:/(], shady[:@], mysterious[:?], aromatic[:-)], weird[:%], usual[:}], solitary[:(], overjoyed[:D], low[:/(], high[@)], disgusting[:B], disgusted[;B], (not to forget sexy[:D], ugly[;&] and beautiful[;)], which requires an article on its own), every face, as I look into them, provides me with an altogether different adjective(thats what they're called, I think...). Its been over 3-4 years since I've been a regular, frequenting Delhi from my place, and now less-frequenting my place from here, no exaggeration if I say I've learnt more than I've learnt in Majnu's or IJG's or Sardar's lectures, or anybody's, for that matter.

Semi-shocked at my getting a local bus for ISBT that late at night, I was amazed at the beautiful lady (read "hot chic") getting into the bus next to me. But did not take me long to realize who she was, after the oh-so-young-boyish conductor did a mischief [:D] (which according to him, was unintentional[;D]). And then came the dialogues flowing non-ishtop from the lady(??)'s did-you-look-at-my-lipcolour-baby lips, "Naya AAya Hai KYa?", and how about "AiSI HaalAt KarWa DunGi, TeRi AmmA BhI NaHi PehCHaneGi" and all the bechara(oh really!!) conductor could do was to listen, with his face dug deep into the tickets, pretending to be imperturbed by any voice around him. And then its time for the lady(??) to get down(the bus!!), she does, gracefully, proud(of??), without even paying the fare!! And our I'm-sporting-my-tee-macho-style conductor, to prove that he's not lost the battle gets down, starts walking towards her, eventually opening his mouth, for the occasion, until the driver calls him back with the supremacy and authority he's been provided with. And lo, it doesn't end there, when the lady(??) crosses the road back to the bus, points her finger at the conductor (or the driver, or the bus as a single entity)....till the driver maintaining his cool, drives away to glory!!!

Don't ask me what I learnt out of this one, but twas fun [:D], lots of it!!!